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Muscle Imbalance

Updated: Jan 12

Even a conditioned athlete like David Haye can have a muscular imbalance, seen here his left acromioclavicular joint is higher than the right his sternoclavicular joint on the same side is higher and his sternocleidomastoid muscle on his opposite right side is larger and slightly pulling his relaxed head to his right,the main culprit here is the larger trap muscle on his left causing a counter clockwise superior rotation of his left scapula as we look on which more than likley involves his left levator scapula muscle also ,that muscle inserts into his cervical spine which when compromised causes lots of training issues for a top athlete or any one using one side of there body more than the other, just looking at his left shoulder i can see his humerous is internaly rotated in his relaxed state and this points to upper pec involvement along with front delt hypertonicty. Im sure these things wont bother him though as he has a team of Britains finest physios and a full medical team realizing that his stinging left jab is to blame. Any person attending thepain andmuscleclinic also get the chance to sort out there issues and fine tune themselves without the added expense.


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