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 PHYSICAL THERAPY incorporates all the best soft tissue distraction and mobilisation techniques, nerve and orthopedic testing and we use similar positions used by chiropractic and osteopathic professions, incorporated into MET(muscle energy techniques) 

and soft tissue manipulation of joints and muscle with emphasis on particular symptoms.  

 We provide a range of muscle and neuro testing with postural analysis and the intention of correcting any muscle hypertonicity with hands on soft tissue distraction and neuromuscular techniques . The effects of physical therapy can be immediate and there can often be permanent reorganisation of muscle scar tissue or adhesions, amongst other beneficial structural and physiological changes that kickstart the healing process . Our goal is to essentially treat your problem and restore range of motion and proper posture using structurally-oriented pain management strategies that help us break neurological pain cycles originating from muscle, ligaments, joint capsules, or nerve impingement, incorporating a tailor made corrective exercise routine to suit your individual needs. Research suggests that 75% of people will have posture problems resulting in pain and medical intervention and our postural alignment directly affects sensory inputs to our central nervous system. Its never to late or early to initiate permanent postural change (Musculoskeletal realignment) and this alone would prevent a lot of impingement, tendonitis, and fibrosis pain related problems  

Here you can expect to receive numerous hands on muscle techniques and a general mobilizing and lengthening of your soft tissues and articulations . By freeing up, and distracting joints through mobilisation of muscle and realizing that our skeletal and muscle systems are inseparable we can identify muscle imbalance and correct strain patterns. Based on kinesiology and neurophysiology the pain and muscle clinic returns the body to full biomechanical efficiency using all the best tissue and ligament distraction and mobilisation techniques developed by the leading pioneers and specialists .            TREATMENTS COVERED BY MAJOR HEALTH INSURERS                                053-9164708          087-7542905

Derek S Murphy (PHYS) NMT


ANMPT registered



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The Pain And Muscle clinic

(Derek murphy) 

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